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A balcony is usually a comfortable spot to eat, read or relax and if the area is in the path of strong winds, it can be difficult to enjoy your time there. We have the perfect solution to enhance and deal with constant prevailing wind, sun and offer additional privacy to your balcony, patio and also cafes and restaurants. Our screens can be an additional option to be used with awnings and Pergolas.

Mombasa canvas windbreaker fabric ensures genuine thermal and visual comfort in every room, while allowing the lovely light through.

Placed on the outside of the house, the windbreaker screens acts like a natural air conditioning system, blocking out the sun’s energy. It also protects against the negative effects of sun exposure by absorbing of UV rays.


With unique composition, Mombasa Canvas windbreakers are highly resistant to the wear and tear of time and inclement weather and also the fabric comes in remarkable colors and are water-resistance and have free-flow of air.

Mombasa Canvas offers a wide variety of fabric windbreaks to enclose and protect an outdoor space, office and commercial premises from the weather providing excellent protection whilst allowing an air flow or even some vision whilst a window is left open. Our fabric barriers come in a massive range of material colors and of course the option of branding with logos and wording.

The vertical blind systems we offer ensure the strongest resistance to wind and providing a method of controlling the sunlight and temperature at various times of the day.

A windbreaker screen is the ultimate way to preserve your view and let your property look stylish. Perfect for protecting doors and windows, our lines of windbreaker sunscreens are comfortable, efficient and aesthetically beautiful, easy to use, they stand out for some structural and technological features. If you are looking for producers of windbreakers screens with an active and well-organized sales network, contact us immediately!

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