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Cover your furniture and marine equipment with upholstery padding to help protect from UV rays, harsh weather and rain.

Mombasa Canvas offers a wide range of upholstery fabric for both commercial and resident use.  We have light weight to heavy weight upholstery fabrics. With protection from the wind and rain you can extend your outdoor living spaces throughout the year.

Choose a fabric that complements both the piece of furniture and the surroundings. Your fabric choice should be harmonious with the style and character of the piece it is covering, this approach adds originality to your space. Mombasa canvas gives you a vast variety of colors and patterns, the color of the fabric is very often the first choice you make when buying furniture, and it has a significant impact on your decor, especially if the furniture piece is a large sofa that will dominate the room.

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Outdoor furnishings are designed to be durable, and over time, their owners often complement them with loose cushions and covers. This does not only add additional comfort, but the choice of right outdoor upholstery fabrics can help create suitable mood and add a touch of personal style to any ensemble. A high-quality outdoor fabric will dry quickly, be breathable, and prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. Outdoor fabrics will display a clean ability code that maintenance staff can reference.

Hospitality and restaurant businesses need a special type of fabric designed to withstand repeated use. Mombasa Canvas upholstery is designed for just that cause, giving commercial industries durability as the main priority. Despite this emphasis on performance, these fabrics can work just as well in any busy atmosphere: Automobiles, boats, homes, and offices can all be fitted with these commercial-quality upholstery fabrics.

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