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We specialize in the development, manufacture of tents for both private and professional use and have many years of experience. Our tents can be easily maintained after installation and have a much longer life span than their nylon or polyester counterparts. The canvas itself can be easily retreated for water repellence, mold resistance and ultra violet radiation. We have a variety of tent types, sizes and colors to choose from.

Camping tents are mostly common among the Military and relief organizations, used for storage and accommodation for the Troops. However, Many Private Lodges have luxury tents as an option, Luxury tents give a more in-the-wild feel to the more adventurous traveler. Finally, Workers Tents are mainly used by workers in the Civil Sector as a form of accommodation in remote sites. Tents provide a quick and cheap short term accommodation.


Our range of tents:

Dispensary relief tent – Dispensary Tent, is an ideal tent used for Field Hospitals, in Emergencies. It is widely used for Group Camping also.

Multi relief frame tent – Standard functioning and practical tent for rapid deployment in Emergency field hospital, Health center, Epidemic Treatment Center, Storage, Logistical center.

Family relief tent – are spacious as well as comfortable as these can comfortably support the housing needs of large group of campers so as to provide for extended camping trips.

Multipurpose frame tent –This is a very practical tent. The frame tents are free span, self-standing and needs less space for installation. The frame is made with strong iron tubes which can be installed easily.

Army post fly tent – This is one of our most popular Military Tents. Suitable for a variety of uses

We also have Army medic frame tent , Army command post tent, Army group frame tent, Safari frame tent and Custom made tents

Our designs are not limited to our standard types, we also make custom made tents as per your requirements.

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