Is your car becoming too hot and uncomfortable to drive after being parked under the sun?

Or, do you want to protect your cars from the rain?

Then it’s time to get a Carport!

What are Carports?

Carports are fabricated structures specially made for cars to protect them from the adverse effects of the Sun, UV rays and Rain.

There are two types of carports: Waterproof and Non-waterproof Carports

Waterproof Carports

If you live in a city with frequent rain, then you should opt for a Waterproof Carport. This will keep your car dry and protect it from the UV rays of the sun, which can be harmful on the car’s exterior.
With the amount of pollution in every city these days, cars lose their original colour faster because the polluting gases dissolve in rain and form toxic substances.

Non-waterproof Carports

If you live in a tropical city, with high temperatures and high humidity, then it is likely that your car keeps getting hot and uncomfortable to drive. In this case, you should opt for a Non-waterproof Carport, as the fabric is breathable which allows the hot air to pass through it. It also protects from the UV rays at the same time.
Heat build-up in a car’s interior has been reported to crack the dashboards and make the steering wheel sticky.

Why allow this to happen to your cars when you can prevent it? After all, you have spent a considerable amount of money on it, so it makes sense to preserve its value!


We manufacture our carports in either Non-Waterproof or Waterproof Shadenet material.

This fabric comes with a 5 year warranty on its UV properties.

The following colours are available:


Getting Started

Remember that carports can be made for ANY number of cars.

Next, contact us so that we can make a complimentary site visit to take measurements.

After this, we can give you a quote.


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