Car Shade Ports

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A carport is a covered parking area, ideal for home use to shelter your car and also act as fantastic patio and entrance cover from any harsh weather, which means that the paintwork on your cars, motorcycles, caravans, trailers and even boats will last longer.

Our carports are made from tough and durable shade net material. All our carports are built to last, ensuring that the product will last for years to come. During the hot weather months, your car will be kept cool and the paintwork shielded from UV rays. During the colder months, wind and rain will all be kept at bay.

Getting to and from your car will no longer expose you to bad weather and the open sides and roof design means that you will still get natural light through to your windows, unlike the dark atmosphere of a garage.


Our quality workmanship coupled with the finest design and materials protect your car from ultra violet rays, excessive sun and hazardous weather conditions. We offer Car Shade Ports and shade cloth which can be designed and fitted to your exact needs. All of our materials are top quality and consist of two types: waterproof car shade ports and non-water proof car shade ports.

The waterproof car shade ports will keep your car dry and protect it from the UV rays of the sun, which can be harmful on the car’s exterior and the non-waterproof car shade ports fabric is breathable which allows the hot air from humid temperatures to pass through it. It also protects from the UV rays at the same time.

Optimize your open space with the ground breaking shading solution our shade ports are suitable for both residential carports, commercial car parks, Car washes, Shopping centers, Sporting clubs, Restaurants and Patio.

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