Canopies allow you to escape the hot sun and retreat under a cool shaded area in any outdoor setting.

Mombasa Canvas canopies are used in a wide range of applications including entrance canopies, store front canopies, sun shade structures and covered walkways. Renowned for quality and durability, quality control is an integral part of the business, each square meter of fabric used in our factory is checked before, during and after manufacture. Mombasa Canvas canopies and covers are constructed to the highest standards

The high-performance fibers, treatments and weaving processes, most of which are conducted internally, distinguish the quality from that of all other fabrics on the market today. This technological superiority enables Mombasa Canvas Limited to guarantee the color fastness and rot proofing of some of its fabrics.

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Sold all around Kenya, Mombasa Canvas canopies have popular appeal not only for their creative designs, but also for their incomparable quality and durability. Our high-tech solutions combined with unparalleled aesthetics have become the company’s signature.

So whether it’s a retail shop, bar, restaurant, cafe, hotel or coffee shop we supply and install our products for you. Let us help you select the best UV protection system for your commercial premises out of our incredible range of modern and traditional styles.

We are proud to be Kenya’s manufacturer and assembler controlled to the highest standards. Our products are designed to be eco-friendly and to improve people’s living environments. We carry the country’s largest stock, components and fabric covers with an extensive experience, knowledge, design and manufacturing capabilities. Mombasa Canvas Limited can install anywhere nationwide across Kenya and East Africa.

Call us today for a no obligation quotation, and a site survey, our professional team of advisers and installers will be more than happy to assist you to make the right decision.

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