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Our awnings are the perfect solution for adding space to your home or business without the need for extra construction. Our selection of awnings for home and businesses come in a wide range of Colors and designs making your choice virtually limitless.

Mombasa Canvas Limited has a collection of two types of awnings, terrace and Vertical Awning which come in a variety of highly contemporary patterns and colors, allowing you to decorate the outside of your home as stylishly as you do the inside.

The material is made of Dickson acrylic canvas that undergoes rigorous and detailed testing, like testing the color-fastness of the awnings solution-dyed acrylics with dry friction to ensure performance and guaranteeing excellent long-term color fastness and protection against both UV rays and inclement weather, coupled with easy maintenance.

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To protect effectively, the awning must be measured larger than the area to be protected, the size of the shade created by the awning varies depending on orientation, sunshine strength and awning size.

Colors influence our well-being and help create a cool, moderate or warm ambiance. With the variety of awning fabrics we have to offer, our fabrics can add color to the sun’s rays as they filter through the dyed fibers, modifying the look and feel of the space under the awning to be either cooling or warming the light’s natural color.

For assistance with your awning design, look no further than Mombasa canvas limited we will survey the area to be shaded before you make your choice and give you the perfect recommendation, we are more than just technical experts and can help you design an attractive new outdoor living space that integrates seamlessly with your home as per our prior experience and expertise.

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